Radially mountable shaft clamping collars

Radially mountable shaft clamping collars

Clampmax split collar

In applications with fixed shafts, where adjacent machine parts cannot be axially displaced, split clamping collars display their strength. They allow radial assembly or disassembly without any displacement of adjacent components.

Impressive quality features

Shaft collars are used to secure components on shafts or as an axial stop. To provide for optimum performance, our Clampmax shaft collars are distinguished by special features. So, special procedures are used in the manufacture of rings to optimise the benefits for the user. For example, the bore of the Clampmax is faced so as to be exactly orthogonal to the front side of the clamping collar. This is crucial when using clamping collars as storage areas, as a mechanical stop or to install other components. In combination with high-quality screws DIN 912 12.9, Clampmax offers impressive, practice-relevant performance features.


> Application areas

  • Printing machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Machinery construction
  • Fixing of components and more


> Technical data

Torqmax two-piece
Torqmax two-piece

> Product range

  • For shaft diameters from 3 to 80 mm
  • Different materials and surface coatings
  • For even higher retention forces in a wider version with 4 set screws