Securmax Servo torque limiter

Securmax Servo torque limiter

Backlash-free torque limiter for special hygienic requirements

The backlash-free Securmax Servo DSS/SG stainless steel torque limiter is designed for servo applications in corrosive environmental conditions or applications with high hygienic requirements.
It protects, for example, packaging machine work units in case of product collisions and drive units from bumps and end stops. For these load-separating torque limiters, torque transmission
occurs in a form-fit manner via balls which are pushed into recesses by means of a preset spring force. When the torque is exceeded, these barrier elements move out of their recesses against the spring force and bring about a torque interruption.

Disengagement torques up to 900 Nm

It is available with adjustable disengagement torques up to 900 Nm. Depending on requirements, they can be delivered with progressive disc springs or, for an immediate torque decrease, with degressive
ones. The Securmax servo DSS/SG is optionally available in Niploy

Product range

  • Disengagement torques up to 900 Nm
  • Compact dimensions
  • Progressive and degressive versions available
  • For shaft diameters up to 50 mm

 DSS/SG/P INOX                      DSS/SG/N INOX  

Datasheet Securmax DSS/SG/P INOX
Datasheet Securmax DSS/SG/N INOX


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> Application areas

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Vacuum technology
  • Ship building
  • Plant manufacturing
  • Packaging machines in the food industry
  • Filling systems and more