Wash Down

Wash Down shaft clamping collars

Clampmax Wash Down

Specifically in packaging machines and filling systems in the food industry, machines and machine parts are permanently subjected to cleaning processes. The design of the Wash Down collars consist of a shaft collar made of stainless steel additionally encapsulated with a male and female shroud made from FDA compliant materials, and three O-rings with NSF compliant lubrication.Their smooth, uninterrupted surface can be easily cleaned with high pressure.

Product range

  • For shaft diameters from 6 to 25 mm
  • Stainless steel clamping ring, encapsulated and with completely smooth surfaces
  • Ideal for systems that need constant cleaning
  • Use of FDA compliant materials

> Impressive quality features

Shaft collars are used to secure components on shafts or as an axial stop. To provide for optimum performance, our Clampmax clamping rings are distinguished by special features. So, special procedures are used in the manufacture of rings to optimise the benefits for the user. For example, the bore of the Clampmax is faced so as to be exactly orthogonal to the front side of the clamping collar. This is crucial when using clamping collars as storage areas, as a mechanical stop or to install other components. In combination with high-quality screws DIN 912 12.9, Clampmax offers impressive, practice-relevant performance features.


Datasheet Clampmax Wash Down WDCL


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