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Mountable shaft collar Clampmax OF-MCL, OF-MSP

Clampmax Mountable: The shaft collar with flats and holes

Clampmax Mountable shaft collars are designed with flats and holes in the outer diameter or holes only to allow for easy mounting of shaft collars to each other or adjacent assemblies. They are commonly found in applications such as cylinders where the collar can be mounted to a base plate. Flats allow for an easy surface to weld the collar. Clampmax Mountable shaft collars are available in one- and two-piece design. Both versions come standard with tapped holes. They are available in steel with a black oxide finish, stainless steel, and high-strength aluminium.

Product range

  • For shaft diameters from 10 to 40 mm
  • Available in steel with black oxide finish, stainless steel and high-strength aluminium
  • One-piece and two-piece versions are available

> Impressive quality features

Shaft collars are used to secure components on shafts or as an axial stop. To provide for optimum performance, our Clampmax clamping rings are distinguished by special features. So, special procedures are used in the manufacture of rings to optimise the benefits for the user. For example, the bore of the Clampmax is faced so as to be exactly orthogonal to the front side of the clamping collar. This is crucial when using clamping collars as storage areas, as a mechanical stop or to install other components. In combination with high-quality screws DIN 912 12.9, Clampmax offers impressive, practice-relevant performance features.

 OF-MCL                                OF-MSP

Datasheet Clampmax Mountable OF-MCL
Datasheet Clampmax Mountable OF-MSP


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