Corrosion-resistant Securmax Servo

Corrosion-resistant Securmax Servo Niploy

Corrosion resistant Securmax Servo: Overload protection in special environmental conditions

Torque limitation in special ambient conditions: In application areas such as the pharmaceutical industry or in packaging machines in the food industry special requirements with regard to corrosion resistance on machine elements are required. The backlash-free safety couplings DSS/SG Niploy provide the solution for these applications. Its high-quality surface coating, a chemical nickel plating process with a high phosphorus content, provides a corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant coating.


Product range

  • Disengagement torques up to 1.200 Nm
  • Compact dimensions
  • High corrosion resistance
  • For shaft diameters up to 65 mm


Overload torques adjustable up to 1.200 Nm

The product range includes models with adjustable overload torques up to 1.200 Nm.
Backlash-free and corrosion-resistant snap-on couplings with progressive or degressive springs are available for immediate separation in case of minimal overload.

 DSS/SG/P Hub version                DSS/SG/P Locking-assembly        DSS/SG/N Hub version

Datasheet Securmax Servo DSS/SG/P Hub version Niploy
Datasheet Securmax Servo DSS/SG/P Locking-assembly Niploy
Datasheet Securmax Servo DSS/SG/N Hub version Niploy


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 DSS/SG/N Locking-assembly

Datasheet Securmax Servo DSS/SG/N Locking-assembly Niploy


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