Linear actuator Roh`Lix

Linear actuator Roh`Lix

Advance on a smooth, rotating shaft

If linear movements are to be created by mechanical means, the mechanical linear actuator Roh`Lix offers practice-relevant features for various applications. In addition to radial assemblability and dismantlability thanks to their split design, these actuators offer integrated overload protection. That is, if a defined, preset shear force is exceeded, the elements slip through, and additional torque limiters such as overload couplings are therefore not required.

Radially mountable and with integrated overload protection

The Raw’Lix actuator converts a shaft rotational movement into a linear movement. Its structure consists of a split aluminium block. Three ball bearings are attached to the shaft axis under a defined angle on the right and left ends of the block. If the smooth shaft is brought into a rotational movement, the ball bearings perform a "screw/thread-type" roll movement on the shaft and make an advance. The linear distance travelled per shaft revolution is determined by the work angle of the six life-lubricated bearings provided for the shaft and can be three times the relevant shaft diameter. The desired advance speed is thus determined by the combination of engine speed/advance motion per shaft revolution.

5 sizes for shear forces up to 889 N

Our range includes five different sizes for shaft diameters from 8 mm to 50 mm. The product line covers a range of adjustable shear forces from 67 N up to 889 N depending on the size. These forces are regulated via two adjusting screws with an integrated spring on the head of the actuator. The springs under tension ensure an additional preload of the ball bearings.


> Application areas

  • Conveying and handling systems
  • Coordinate measuring machines  
  • Packaging machines
  • Supply units
  • Gantry and transfer systems and more 


> Product range

  • For shaft diameters up to 50 mm
  • Adjustable shear forces from 67 to 889 N
  • Radially mountable due to split construction
  • Life-lubricated ball bearings
  • Accuracy thanks to preloaded ball bearings
  • Tandem solution for higher shear forces