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Disc coupling - Diskflex

Disc pack made of stainless steel

The Diskflex coupling operates with flat, flexible discs or with stainless disc packs consisting of single discs. These are mutually screwed together with their respective hub and spacer.

FEM optimised disc design: high torsional stiffness guarantees precise torque transmission

The disc design is FEM optimised and designed for high torsional stiffness and displacement capacity.

Product range

  • Outer diameter range from 16 to 456 mm
  • Bore diameter range from 3 to 205 mm
  • Nominal torque range from 0.5 bis 65,000 Nm
  • Clamping hubs or taper locking elements
  • Compact version available
  • Temperature ranges of up to 250°C depending on the type (GDC-SS/ZDC-SS up to 180°C; GTR up to 250°C)

> GDC/ZDC-SS: Stainless steel versions for special environmental conditions

The stainless steel range GDC-SS and the even more compactly built ZDC-SS series operate with discs in a 4-bolt design. Force-fit clamping hubs ensure a backlash-free torque transmission even in the reverse mode. These couplings are equipped with stainless steel hubs and  spacers for corrosive environments.

> GDT: Locking element design for frequent torque peaks

The GDT series has discs in an 8-screw design with a focus on highest possible torsional rigidity. The connection by means of taper locking elements is designed for high friction torques and as a result for applications with frequent torque peaks.

To ensure a low moment of inertia, the hubs and spacers of the Diskflex coupling are made of aluminium in the GDC, ZDC and GDT series.

> GTR: Range with steel hubs for rated torques up to 65,000 Nm

The robust steel disc couplings of the GTR series are designed for high-torque applications such as those in materials-handling and forming technologies. The torsionally rigid couplings operate with disc packs consisting of multiple discs, connected by steel bushes made of high-strength 1.4301 stainless steel. The GTR disc couplings are available in a single or double cardan design and operate in a rated torque range from 60 up to 65,000 Nm.

 GDC-SS                                ZDC-SS

Datasheet Diskflex GDC-SS
Datasheet Diskflex ZDC-SS


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 GDT                                     GTR

Datasheet Diskflex GDT
Datasheet Diskflex GTR


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